Anna Le Pley Taylor Flowers is a third generation Fine Art Floral Design Family. Our family and relationships with our clients are at the heart of all we do.

As children, my sisters and I (there are four of us) watched our grandmother’s floral design team and “helped” them create floral masterpieces for weddings in Palos Verdes, Southern California. We got up at 4:00am to drive to the Los Angeles flower market and marveled at how our grandmother knew every supplier and stem by name. She taught us how to put together a vision for an entire event, and which flowers would accomplish our goal. We watched her talk with brides, mastermind hanging gardens, bowers, and floating arrangements, catering each to the needs and desires of her clients. She was fearless, with an insatiable creative streak.

         Our mother followed in her footsteps, and took us all around the countryside teaching us how to forage and which season produced which type of greenery. There was always a jar in the kitchen with a plant specimen sitting in it to see how long it would “last” when cut, or whether it would “do” outside of water for any length of time. Both were voracious gardeners and cultivated many unique types of flowers and greens for adding a special touch into their designs.

         As soon as we were old enough, we were creating flowers and cultivating gardens of our own. This organic lifelong tutorial has resulted in a family-based team of designers who each bring creativity and strengths to the designing table. Because of our deep commitment to one another and the nature of family business, we welcome our clients as friends and co-conspirators. Our goal is to make your floral planning a joyful and creative experience, and the final outcome, a beautiful and memorable event.

         Also in keeping with our family values is our desire to buy locally grown products from growers with whom we have relationships. Our community is important to us, as are our local growers and farmers. We love our central coast and want to do everything we can to support our local economy. We also believe that buying seasonally available materials is better for the environment, and we relish the seasonal changes because they give us an ever-changing palette with which to design. It’s one of the pleasures of working with flowers and greens and we enjoy the gentle rhythm of seasonal change every year.

We are always willing to accommodate a client’s specific wish, even if it’s out of season, but our hearts are always gravitating toward the naturally occurring bounty of the season. It is out of this love for the natural, that we embark on many foraging escapades to find the “just right” piece of something to add into our designing mix. Sometimes, the best touches are found right under our noses in our gardens, other times we comb the local wild areas searching for the perfect addition. Either way, these special items can’t be shipped or picked up in advance and we have to pluck them that very morning with the dew still clinging to their leaves.

        Our hope is to create a beautifully individual experience that reflects your taste and vision. We have an abundance of knowledge and a wonderful design team who enjoys a creative challenge. Our favorite thing is to work hard, produce lush and beautiful arrangements with nature as our muse, and mostly, to have the privilege of helping you celebrate a special day in your life.